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Football Celebrations!!


Well done to Faith, Lily, Alex and Ellie Mae and the rest of the girls football team who won their semi-final 10-1 today! Final here we come!! 🙂

Gardening Society


A few weeks ago, some of the members in 5th Class noticed that the school flower beds needed some TLC. They took it upon themselves to fix them up. They started by raking and watering the soil and then they started bringing in their own seeds and and plants to plant them in the flower beds. Most of the class has been involved at some point and they have been working together and cooperating really well on the project. All of this work has taken place during break and lunch time which is even more impressive! Well done 5th Class!! 🙂

Drum Nature


5th Class enjoyed a visit from Drum Nature before the midterm break. They practiced playing different beats and coming up with their own beats too. They made a lot of noise but really enjoyed the experience!



Another game we are really enjoying is Strategicki. The aim of the game is to get your whole team across to the other side without being caught. We came up with strategies to distract the other team and other ways of getting across. We really worked as a team!

Bum Ball


One of our new favourite games in 5th class is Bum Ball. It is very like Bench Ball except you don’t play standing up! Watch the clip of us playing below!

The Big Dig


Fifth Class were very lucky to be invited to attend The Big Dig in St.Anne’s Park on Wednesday morning. We made our way down and got to spend a while looking at different artifacts from long ago. We discussed what the different artifacts would tell us about the people who lived there. We learned that if you found a sword you could probably guess the people who lived there were warriors or if you found animal bones you could probably guess the people were farmers! After that we got to take part in an excavation. We got to use trowels and shovels to dig and found lots of interesting objects. We found things like goblets, animal bones and even swords! We had a great time and learned lots about the work of archaeologists.

International Dot Day


Last week it was International Dot Day. International Dot Day is based around a story called The Dot by Peter. H. Reynolds which is about a girl who thinks she is no good at art but her teacher changes her mind. We decided the message of the story was that everyone has a different view of what ‘good’ art is and that everyone can be an artist. We created some dot paintings to celebrate the day. You will also see our Class Playlist in the photos below which we really enjoy listening to during art lessons. We created the playlist together at the beginning of the year!

5th Class Trip to Ardscoil La Salle


5th Class had the opportunity to go and visit a secondary school last week. They had a great time and visited lots of different classrooms like the science lab where they saw sheep heads and eyeballs and the music room where they got to try out different instruments. They asked lots of great questions about secondary school and seemed to learn a lot!

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