The Big Dig in St. Anne’s Park

5th class enjoyed a trip to St. Anne’s to take part in The Big Dig. We learned about ancient artifacts and how archaeologists do their work. We got to use trowels and shovels to dig up some ancient artifacts from viking times. These artifacts helped us to figure out things about how those people lived. For example, we found swords which meant they could have been warriors or hunters. We also found animal bones which told us what animals they kept and ate. We learned a lot and also got to visit a real excavation site where they are digging up the old house in St. Anne’s Park. It was a great day out 🙂

Cycling in 5th Class

5th class have been lucky enough to start the year off with a cycling workshop. So far, they have learned some safety information about weather conditions, clothing and helmets. They have learned how to do the ‘M Check’ on their bike too. They got to cycling this week and focused on left turns and looking over their shoulder to check for any danger. We are all really enjoying it!